"A Gospel centered church in the Catholic tradition"
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About Us

The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Australia is a member of the United Ecumenical Catholic Church, a contemporary church of Catholic tradition. We hold an ancient faith with a new vision. We seek to take the gospel and holy sacraments to all people and do not discriminate on any basis. As Christ accepted all, so do we. Our clergy are valid and recognised as such by Rome even though Rome remains separate from the great majority of non-Roman Churches. We are not part of the Roman Catholic Church, and are in a similar position to many churches who, although fully valid and Catholic, are not presently in Communion with Rome.

We are a contemporary, constituent body of Christ's faithful. We are a member church of The One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. While our orders come from the See of St. Peter (The Roman Catholic Church), and we sometimes use the Novus Ordo (Paul VI version), our main liturgical expression is the New Jerusalem Liturgy which has been developed for our use, we also use the BCP (Book of Common Prayer), Orthodox and other Rites depending on local needs

Our church is a welcoming worship community and we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital or social status, race, economic ability, orientation or other baseless form of discrimination. We welcome all to the Altar of Christ and refuse communion to no person who seeks it reverently. Christ did not refuse to feed the physically or spiritually hungry - neither do we.

We are a contemporary church that believes the Holy Spirit helps us to grow spiritually as and when we are able. Just as Christ was revealed to us when we were ready to receive him, so too many other things and understandings have been revealed to us when we were ready to receive them.